Getting the lowest car insurance is all about planning. It is best to do this well before you need to find the lowest car insurance. There are two aspects to finding the lowest auto insurance: strategies and tactics.

The best way to get the lowest car insurance is to be the sort of person that an insurance company wants to insure. If you are a safe, reliable driver with years of experience and you live in a secure environment and do not make claims then an insurance company will normally offer you a low car insurance premium to insure with them.

Strategically you need to become a low insurance risk to insurers. This way you will attract the lowest car insurance quotes. You can do this by becoming and staying a safe driver. Driving whilst tired and distracted can increase your chance of being involved in an accident. An accident may still not have been your fault. But if you remain alert you are better at anticipating what other drivers might do. This could result in you avoiding an accident. It could even save your life. When you drive try to anticipate what other drivers might do. It will make you a safer driver. Stay calm when other you see other aggressive and impatient drivers. We all see drivers that we think will be involved in an accident if they carry on that way. If these people are going to have an accident make sure you are not close to them when they do.

If you want the lowest car insurance then check the insurance band or category that your car belongs to. Choosing a car in a lower band will save you money every year you own it. The insurance category for a car will be a combination of factors. It is likely to include the car’s power and performance, purchase price and costs to repair.

Then it is time to move onto the tactics for getting the lowest cost car insurance. Firstly decide how much time you want to spend searching for the lowest auto insurance. Speak to friends and family in advance so that you have an idea as to what you might be paying. Remember that different car insurance companies may be targeting different types of customer. They may be very competitive for one group of drivers and not for other groups. So, it is best to talk to people similar people to yourself and who drive similar cars. This should help you set a benchmark price. A price that you feel is reasonable but which you want to beat if possible.

If you are busy and don’t have lots of time to search for the lowest car insurance then get an insurance broker to look for you. Maybe you’ll need to check a couple of brokers who will be paid a commission by the insurance company.


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You can also quickly check for the lowest short term auto insurance quotes at one of the comparison websites. Decide what insurance you are looking for and you can then compare the costs. If you want to reduce the cost of your insurance then consider what excess amount you can accept. A higher excess for any claim will normally lower your premium. Not all insurance companies are included on comparison sites so you may want to get a quote directly.

Before you finally decide on your car insurance check the payment terms. Sometimes insurers offer instalment plans. If you will be spreading your payments over a number of months you will need to understand if you will be paying extra for this. There is no point finding the lowest auto insurance if you then pay a lot more in the way of finance charges.

Saving money on car insurance is normally possible if you are seen as a good risk and are prepared to spend some time searching