To run a business in South Africa, you should have several different kinds of business insurance. Typically, a company will need a general commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance provides protection against theft, property damage, and liability. It also can provide protection against interruption of business and employee injuries. Without New Jersey business insurance, a business owner leaves himself (or herself) open to unnecessary risks that can result in loss of money and property. The owner should research all the different types of commercial insurance before purchasing any. Your company may need commercial property insurance, but not commercial auto insurance. Keep in mind that a business owner may add to, or change, their commercial insurance policy at any time.

A conservative South African commercial insurance plan should consist of workers compensation insurance and professional liability insurance. It should also offer great employee benefits to improve morale and attract top talent.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers your employees if they are injured on the job. It will pay the medical bills incurred due to the accident. With no Workers’ Compensation Insurance, any employee that is injured on the job can sue their employer for the medical bills and for income lost due to missed work after the injury. Also, if an employee loses his/her life, while on the job, benefits are payable to the dependents of the worker.

The employee benefits are guaranteed for any full time worker by their employer. Most businesses offer a benefits package to their employees that include paid holidays, vacation days and, of course, health insurance. The average number of paid holidays can be plus or minus 10 days. The average number of vacation days vary, usually after one year of employment with the company. Most business’ offer health insurance with the employee contributing a small amount towards the costs, and co-pays. Offering a defined pension plan or offer a R2million retirement plan will also draw more employees to your business.

Professional liability insurance protects business owners from negligent claims filed by the clients. This insurance will cover the failure to perform, financial loss, and errors in the products sold or services rendered. Once your business has this insurance, it should never be cancelled. If it is cancelled, it is as if the company never had the insurance to begin with and none of the claims received will be covered.

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Without getting the appropriate insurance for your company, you put your business and your personal security at risk. As a company or business owner, you may be sued for any number of things. Whether it be false advertising, injury on the job, or faulty products, keep yourself covered. When you are covered on all corners, there are no worries. When you are unsure about your coverage, you are always at risk. Consult for best business vehicle insurance cover.